largest campus in the Iiser system.

We have on-campus transportation.

center for society and science.

5. The recently established Medical Science and Engineering Research (MEDSER) center intends to support basic scientists’ inventions that are applied to medical and healthcare demands, such as disease diagnostics, drug targets, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Prof. Sarman Singh, a former director of the AIIMS in Bhopal, was the first physician selected by the IIser Bhopal to guide this facility.


6. The first of its kind in the nation, UG-CREST is an innovative effort to foster a scientific mindset in a young graduate student. The three main verticals on which UG-CREST is built are Ramanujan club, DUDE club, and 360-degree.

Instead than having to take uninteresting subjects for two years like some Iiser, Iiser B offers pre-majors in the second year itself.


The most varied selection of courses is provided by IISER B.

9. IISERB features two brain spaces where you may relax and take a break from your busy schedule. These spaces have bean bags, mattresses, etc.


10. IISER B has 4 mess, an ideation hut that functions as a hangout spot with chairs inside and outdoors, 1 Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlet, 2 restaurants (Sudarshan and Indian coffee house), and 1 CCD outlet.

In recent years, red buses have made it possible for IIS Bhopal to connect with the main city at a reasonable cost. Previously, autorickshaws outside the campus charged excessive prices.



Two e-rickshaws are available at IISER B, and they cost RS 5 to go between any two locations.

13. There are also way too many clubs, such as the IBAC (astronomy), IBQC (quiz), Mayura (dancing), COMIXc (for anime, cartoon), scientific club (PCMB), FALC (arts clubs), etc. In Iiserb, there are over 25 clubs.




You can go to the hill (a make-out spot) at IISER B on the weekends. If you’re fortunate, you might see peacocks, snakes, crabs, frogs, and other creatures.


The IISER Bhopal students have been chosen for a number of international competitions where they can display their talents, like UTRIP, Khorranna, SN Bose, DAAD, etc.

16. All hostels now have Haeir washing machine outlets, which was just installed. We must pay 40 rupees for each wash, which is enough to wash 15 days’ worth of clothing.



Every day of the week, you can get room service to clean and mop your space.

18. Every hostel features a common area with a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, table tennis, and in some cases, a sofa as well.


19. Your whole academic record, performance evaluations, and course outline will be accessible on the “Shiksha Portal”


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