I believe that Mohali is an excellent location for enjoying college life because it is close to significant facilities like a stadium, a mall (Bestech), an airport, a train station, and famous cities (like Chandigarh, the Capital of Partying, which is only a 10-minute walk away). Additionally, it is a peaceful city with less pollution. And from the city of Mohali, so many things have an impact on IISER Mohali.

Speaking of the campus, there are fantastic hostels with all the amenities needed. Every hostel has distinct wings for boys and girls.In total, there are 4 such hostels. The first and second years must make due with double rooms, but beginning with the third year, everyone is given single rooms.

Good WiFi, although there are some kinks that need to be worked out.


There are no such room inspections, although the wardens will show up if someone complains (unusual!).


Mess There are a variety of north and south Indian delicacies available for food.A special dinner is occasionally served.

Mess 🍴

There are 2 canteens accessible and they are open till midnight. The LHC restaurant operates every day with wonderful food priced just right. Hot water, tea, and coffee are always accessible throughout the day on the ground floor of each hostel.


There is a tailor available on the ground level of H-7 for clothing-related issues like tearing or fitting, so there is no need to look for anything else outside.

No such hostel at the time; feel free to wander about all night.


However, if you have a Gate Pass, you are allowed to ignore the campus in time of 10pm.


Food can be delivered by delivery services until 4 AM, so yes! No nights of hunger


IISER M contains two basketball courts, two lawns, and one adequate gym. equipped adequately + 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 3 volleyball courts, 2 badminton courts, a stadium with a large enough grass field for football or cricket with floodlights, and a gazebo that costs about 60 lacs to manufacture and that we can use for a variety of small things, primarily birthday parties or just to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Courts for table tennis

Undoubtedly among the greatest in the nation is the library.The seven-story library building has several areas on each of its floors.


At Iiser Mohali, there are bus amenities as well. On working days, it runs on the same schedule; on Sundays, it changes. It departs from and returns to phase 10 and phase 11 markets in the evening at 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15. If you get bored after working on laboratories and studying, just take a look at life in Mohali; your mind will undoubtedly feel refreshed.


Views from the hostel balcony during the rainy season are an additional method to clear your head.

Overall, on this lovely campus, you never feel alone because calm and nature are always around you.Peacocks are always wandering around the campus in large numbers.If you enjoy nature, you will find our campus to be very attractive. There are lovely flowers blossoming everywhere, and rare and endangered bird species also frequent our campus.


a hotspot for biodiversity at IISER Mohali.

Additionally, there is no ragging on campus; in its place, seniors are incredibly helpful and grateful.


Last but not least, IISER Mohali is a wonderful place to live and appreciate each minute. Such a special life lived here that you will remember and miss forever.


Therefore, be prepared to gain new knowledge and engage in ongoing exploration!!


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