The IISER in Pune is an emotional roller coaster. No one can disagree, I wager. It is a haven for monotone bingers as well as thrill seekers. You can enjoy your freedom, independence, and fresh perspective there. It’s up to you how you use it!

Should I share how this was in awe of the facilities, incredible labs, and professors that spoke to me informally as well as treated me—a recent college graduate—like a “adult” with potential?

Should I instead tell you about the awful first quiz that really got to me and made me realize that, despite all the exciting things going on on campus, from club meetings to Mimamsa discussion groups, it’s not all fun and games?


Should I instead tell you about that one entertaining professor whose classes were so interesting that I began to wonder why I disliked that topic at all and whose lab courses were so fascinating that I didn’t mind getting up at seven in the morning to prepare for them?

Or perhaps I should describe how I’m surrounded by folks who handle their extracurricular activities and academic obligations with ease while still having the energy to drink and work all night? while, despite sleeping for eight hours, I complained that I wasn’t getting enough rest?

Should I instead describe how the IISER stole my sleep cycle and dumped it outside the campus, where I find individuals wandering around at all hours of the night to be normal?


Should I instead describe the buzz that “karavaan” generates on campus, the new friendship circles that it eventually forms, and how people put off preparation while the majority of the festival is brilliantly organized in the last week?

Should I instead describe the occasions when I genuinely missed being at home even though I had my own squad and had no need to be lonely?

Or should I tell you about the countless weekend trips, casual strolls around the local bazaars, and required regular nighttime strolls through NCL that kept me sane during the chaotic phase?


Or should I tell you about drooling in every class for a week straight and eventually forgetting why I came here because I was so busy cramming for tests and quizzes that I didn’t have time to sit and think?

Should I instead describe how I adapted to everything this place had to offer, made myself at home, and eventually left?

I could go on and on about delicious meals, a fantastic hostel, wonderful roommates, and other things. It’s likely preferable to have first-hand experience with this. There is no right or wrong approach to taking this. Whether you like it or not, IISER molds you. You will never again be the same owling that fled from your nest out of fear.

Lecture Hall, where your daily lectures occurs

All of the individual laboratories, professors’ offices, and administrative offices are located in the main building.

Faculty Housing

Cricket Ground and the Guest House Building for visiting professors, guests and parents

Left side  (Physics Lab) and Right side Mendeleev (Chemistry Lab)

Mess Building, We have two Canteens one in Ground floor and other in first floor. You are free to eat any where. The third floor is only for Faculty
Basket Ball Ground
Campus view

Lecture Hall Complex (inside view)

Computer Lab

Your Room, two sharing Basis

Inside the G1 Building (Biology Lab)
Inside the Main Building
Cricket Ground from Mess Building Top floor
Class Room

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