Facilities for Teaching

For a high level of teaching and learning, we have well-appointed classrooms outfitted with computers, internet, projectors, and LCD displays. Our teaching labs have everything needed to conduct experiments. We have numerous models of high-tech equipment that meets international standards. The two UG labs in the chemistry department are well-equipped with the necessary tools, including fume hoods, Schlenk lines, rotary evaporators, analytical balances, PH meters, and others, to conduct both contemporary and traditional research. Similar to that, biology provides advanced tools for teaching students. High-end tools are available in our physics lab, including the scanning tunneling microscope, X-ray diffractometer, Millikan’s oil drop experiment, the photo-electric effect, the Zeeman effect, the Michelson interferometer, the speed of light detector, etc.


For senior BS-MS students as well as I.PhD and PhD students, IISER Tirupati has amenities on the Transit Campus, and BS-MS students can stay in dorms on the permanent campus. Seats are currently available in the Transit Campus and Permanent Campus on a twin- or triple-sharing basis. The structure comprises four levels. There are 46 rooms overall on each floor. Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, study table, chair, pedestal, and armoire. Each floor has a washing machine and access to drinking water. For bathing purposes, hot water is available in all bathrooms.

We feature a gym, a space for practicing music and playing indoor games, a well-appointed study room, a TV hall, a wellness center, a contemporary kitchen, and a large eating area on the ground floor.

In addition to the hostel managers, there are also separate 24-hour security services for boys and girls to watch after the students.


Day Care

The daycare center is accessible to children of all IISER staff members and students and is situated on the ground floor of the student building (B Block) on the IISER Tirupati transit site. Visitors to IISER Tirupati may use the daycare services at the facility with advance notice (see contacts below). Children may enroll in the daycare as early as 6 months old.


Currently furnished with infant mattresses, brightly colored little chairs and tables, toys, kid-friendly literature, and indoor playthings, the daycare facility is entirely air-conditioned. A little kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink has been set up. The bottom floor is where the student mess hall and restrooms are easily located.

You can speak with the daycare to learn more about the daily or monthly fees.

Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Tuesday through Friday.


Sports Facilities



On campus, there is a well-equipped gym. Exercises for strength and cardio are available at the facility. We have spin cycles and treadmills in the cardio room. We have a variety of weighted dumbbells, barbells, plates, bars, bench presses, chest presses, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulley rowing, decline benches, and lat pulley machines in the strength division, to name a few.



Due to Tirupati’s hot temperature, our gym is completely air-conditioned. We also have a beginner trainer here. Both in the morning and in the evening, the training person is available to assist. The training and exercise facilities are completely free for all faculty, employees, and students.

You are not allowed to enter the gym wearing just your shirt and jeans. You must wear a sports outfit.
You shouldn’t wear chappals or your normal shoes. Shoes for running or working out should be worn.

Because wearing boots when running on a treadmill is unhealthy for your back, you cannot wear boots from another sport inside a gym. Additionally, if you exercise with weights, you can fall.

In order to prevent sweat from getting on any equipment, you should also pack a towel, not a kerchief.

Other regulations include using the safety clip on the treadmill and abstaining from bench pressing or lifting heavy objects when you’re alone yourself in the gym.

Why not start today if you haven’t already? Let’s lead a healthy lifestyle. Join us right away.


Guest  House
On the transit campus, there are amenities accessible, and on the permanent campus, a new guest house is being built.



IT Infrastructure

Greetings from the IT Department

The Institute has cutting-edge IT infrastructure that meets the needs of the Institute’s staff, faculty, and students for connectivity, computing, accessibility, and conferencing.




Through its IT division, the Institute expands its facilities. As follows:


Networking Resources

The following are the elements of the 1 Gigabit backbone Network:


switch for gigabit data;

Edge switch for a gigabit network;

Bluetooth controller;

access points with wireless Wi-Fi 6 capability;

a web security device and a firewall;

a server for internet access authentication; and

Security with WPA2 Enterprise.

Infrastructure for VoIP.

a strong, three-tier network that covers the entire campus and allows access to desktops and laptops in labs and offices.

Through VPN services, membership in the global EDUROAM network, and point-to-point connectivity, researchers on the go have virtual access to all facilities for the best use of their scientific resources.

a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz seamless dual band campus wide Wi-Fi access network that adheres to 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac specifications.



All campus buildings are served by centrally controlled, lightweight Wi-Fi access points with wireless LAN controllers.

Computer Resources

HPE ProLiant Supercomputer is our centralized HPC system.


One Head Node on an HPE ProLiant DL360Gen10 with Dual Processors, each having a twenty-core Intel Xeon Gold 6148 CPU, 12 X 8GB of RAM, and two X 1 TB SATA Hot Plug disks, all running the Centos 7 operating system.

With 14 compute nodes based on an HPE ProLiant XL170rGen10 server with a dual processor, twenty-core Intel Xeon Gold 6148 processors, 12 X 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of SATA hard drive in each node, Centos 7 is the operating system of choice.

150 TB of shared storage being combined using Lustre File System.


Connectivity: The initial link uses the low latency network for DATA called Mellanox InfiniBand EDR (100Gbps). For network connectivity between nodes, the second interconnect is based on a 24 port HPE controlled GigE Switch. For the Console network, the third interconnect is based on a 24 port HPE controlled GigE Switch.
the following software: Commercial and open source software are deployed in public areas for easy access by all users.

Video and audio

Hybrid Classrooms – For virtual classes, we have high-end AV equipment in every classroom at our institute.

both a video wall and digital signage.

Computing Facility
More than 100 computer terminals running the GNU/Linux operating system constitute the power behind our computer lab.


A few examples of such software include Bio Render, Schrodinger, MATLAB, Mathematica, Origin, Endnote, ChemDraw, and Open Source Softwares like Gaussian, Gromacs, Open MPI, etc.


Medical Facilities at Health Centers IISER Tirupati include the following:


service for ambulances

health center

Service for psychological counseling

ties to nearby hospitals

Facility for Student Health Insurance

There are First Aid Boxes scattered throughout the Campus in various locations.

First Aid Services
On the IISER Tirupati Campus, an emergency ambulance service is accessible around-the-clock.

2. Health Center

The Wellness Clinic on campus offers medical services to all IISER Tirupati students and employees. A full-time medical officer is on call for advice.

Facilities: – Emergency Care & OPD Consultation



1) Unexpected Blood Sugar

2) ECG


Intravenous therapy, first

2) First Aid Administration

3) Immunization

4) Oxygen Assistance

Nebulization (#5)

Referral to affiliated hospitals when necessary

Medical professionals:

Medical Officer of IISER Tirupati, Dr. A Archana

Phone number: 0877-2500232

email address is archana@iisertirupati.ac.in.

A nurse:

Nurse Nimmy K. Prasad, B.Sc.

send an email to nurse@iisertirupati.ac.in


Ms. K. Vanaja, a nursing major

send an email to kvanaja@iisertirupati.ac.in

3. Services for psychological counseling
All IISER Tirupati students and employees have access to experienced counselors who are accessible for consultation at Your DOST.

4. Hospitals with ties (for IISER Tirupati employees and their dependents)

Hospital Amara in Tirupati

Tirupati’s Sree Ramadevi Super Speciality Hospital

5. Health Insurance for Students

The Group Health Policy bought from FHPL Health Insurance Company provides coverage for Institute students. It is renewed annually. Since it is a group policy, the annual renewal is done batch by batch each year, and each student in each batch is listed individually in the list of beneficiaries in the policy document.




In hospitals that have been approved by FHPL Insurance Company, medical coverage for students is made available with the following extra features.







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