I’m assuming you want to study the fundamental sciences. There is no doubt at all that you should enroll in an IIT if you want to study engineering.


In a nutshell, IISERs are organizations that were founded with the goal of advancing India’s basic science culture.


Therefore, you should definitely join IISER if you have a passion for conducting research.

both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

I’d want to share my opinions after much thought.


I’m going to assume that you want to be a scientist; if not, just enroll at IIT.


IITs are engineering schools; they weren’t founded to produce intellectual power and aren’t being formed to do so now either. Instead, they exist to produce highly skilled and educated labor.


The purpose of IISERs, which are science institutions, is to produce intellectual property.

IIT science curriculum don’t focus on research at all! Yes, that is accurate. The training at IISERs helps you become much more adaptable, which is crucial in today’s scientific research. The IISERs are very interdisciplinary; for example, chemists collaborate with biologists to create new medications, physicists collaborate with biologists to understand the origin of life, mathematics collaborate with earth scientists to simulate hurricane winds, etc. Science courses at IITs emphasize application over research.

One more thing: IISER employees are special, indeed! They are ACTUALLY clever and interested individuals. People can be found observing the wind and clouds, discussing their shapes and consequences, etc. Here, life is fantastic. There is always something fresh to learn.


The instructors at IISERs are fantastic; they’re all actively engaged in their own research and will gladly share it with you if you ask.

arriving for work! IITians get good packages, but IISERites don’t understand what these so-called packages are; instead, IISERites get good PhD programs at foreign universities. Again, if you’re interested in becoming a scientist, don’t worry too much about the money; after all, brilliant people don’t stay unemployed.

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