The Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, known as IISERs, are a series of prestigious educational institutions in India that are still relatively new. These Institutes are intended to be the IITs of the basic sciences and have been designated as Institutions of National Importance by an act of Parliament. IISERs are advancing top-notch science education and research across the nation by strategically locating at Berhampur, Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, and Tirupati, with suggestions for Nagaland and Hyderabad on the horizon.

The IISER offers a five-year dual degree program to qualified individuals who demonstrate merit. Despite the fact that IISERs provide the best training in fundamental sciences and unmatched access to cutting-edge analytical methodologies, the fact that these Institutes are still relatively young is the primary cause of the lack of knowledge about them. The prevailing perception is that IISER graduates have few potential employment prospects. However, the IISER program’s training actually prepares students for a future in academia, R&D organizations, and science-based enterprises. We address this particular fallacy in our essay today and highlight the different employment choices open to IISER graduates.

First off, the IISERs’ fundamental purpose was to give students who preferred to pursue careers in science over engineering a platform to do so, rather than to ‘simply earn’ money after completing the BS-MS program. The concentration on the sciences at the IISERs was a deliberate choice to explicitly foster research in their respective subjects in order to match and exceed the norms of the contemporary global landscape, as the Science departments in IITs were eclipsed by their Engineering counterparts.

To be fair, research-related careers are more or less available to IISER grads. Having stated that, nothing prevents students from choosing an engineering career after earning a BS-MS from an IISER. Recruiters from reputable firms like Ranbaxy, Unilever, GE Healthcare, Dr. Reddy’s, Shell, L’Oreal, Glenmark, etc. attend the annual placements at IISER.

Let’s now address the query you’ve been considering: “What are the job opportunities after graduating from IISER?” We’ve compiled a few employment alternatives for IISER alumni for your advantage. So read it carefully.

Academics (Research): After completing a PhD, you can work as a staff scientist or principle investigator in any CSIR lab, university, or research lab.
Academic (Teaching): After passing the necessary tests like the UPSC, B. Ed, NET, etc., IISER graduates can apply for teaching positions at any school or university.Industry (Research & Development): After completing your BS-MS degree, pursuing a PhD will allow you to work as a scientist in any company’s R&D division. Make sure to do your summer research projects in industries if you want to accomplish this.
After earning your Ph.D., you can enroll in an MBA program or another business-related degree and join the sales or marketing team of any reputable company. Once more, make sure you complete your summer research internship in a field of industry.
Scientific Writing: As an editor, you may want to look into chances in journals like Cell, Science, Nature, etc. You require training in scientific writing and a PhD.
After earning your BS-MS, you can start teaching in coaching facilities like FIT JEE, among others. Given the competitive salary packages, this position is seen as lucrative.
Legal Advisor: After earning your BS-MS, you can work in universities or biotech companies as a legal advisor or administrator. Your cause will benefit from earning an MBA or a master’s in law.
In order to become a patent officer, you must enroll in a legal course on patent filing procedures, among other things. You can join the CBI or other police forces as a forensic expert or advisor after completing a law education in forensic sciences. After their BS-MS, grant writers require a PhD.
Be your own boss: You can start your own coaching classes or consulting business with a small investment.
After completing their BS-MS, many students choose to study overseas for their doctorate. It is important to note that none of these are the typical 9 to 5 occupations with fixed, strict schedules that drain your life. Instead, these positions call for a person to have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the field.

The bottom line is that there are many job options for IISER graduates in both the public and private sectors, with R&D possibly offering the finest career path. Buould require a lot of commitment and a love of learning.

Providing your goal is not to just land a regular job and fall into a hamster-on-a-wheel routine, IISER is one of the greatest institutes to further your studies. By offering state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch faculty, the nation is empowering its kids. It would be a pity to utilize such resources without contributing tjob opportunitific progress.

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