Live updates on Manipur violence on July 23: Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, arrived in Manipur on Sunday despite purportedly being denied permission by the local government to do so. When she arrived in the nation ripped apart by ethnic conflict, she declared, “I have not come here to pursue politics, but to help people… I kindly request that the Prime Minister and the Union Minister for WCD visit the state.


A Kuki minister in the Manipur government named Nemcha Kipgen has called for the execution of those responsible for the viral video case. “As a mother, sister, and daughter, I have no words to express my deep pain after seeing the recently surfaced video where Kuki-Zo women were paraded naked and sexually assaulted on May 4, 2023,” she declared in a video posted on her official Twitter account. She then raised her strongest condemnation of the incident before demanding capital punishment for the perpetrators “without bias.”

In relation to the Manipur video case, which showed two women being paraded naked by a mob, the Manipur police detained a total of six persons on Saturday, including one minor. While two of the accused were detained today, four others were detained on Thursday and were sentenced to 11 days in police custody on Friday.

After arriving in Manipur, DCW chief Swati Maliwal made the following statement: “I have come to Manipur to help people and will appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani to visit the state and look into people’s suffering.”

📌 I came here to help people, not to engage in politics. I’d like to invite the Prime Minister and the Union Minister for WCD to visit the state,” the DCW chairman told reporters at the airport in Imphal.


📌 Women have already approached me here, so… They have been impacted by violence for the past three months, she claimed. (PTI)




Congress: As long as N Biren Singh is the chief executive, there won’t be any progress toward peace in Manipur.
The Congress demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi take action immediately and not “deflect, distort, and defame to cover up” the “collapse of the so-called double engine governance” in the northeastern state. The Congress asserted that there would be no progress toward peace in Manipur as long as N Biren Singh remained the chief minister.

“Every passing day as the truth of the horror of Manipur continues to trickle out, it is clear that: The law and order in the state has collapsed,” stated Congress national secretary Jairam Ramesh in a tweet. Armed vigilantes, gangs of insurgents, and mobs are all out of control. Families and women have experienced the worst,

The administration is not only implicated in the violence, he claimed, but has also deliberately encouraged hatred.

Ramesh claimed that the full disintegration of community trust had utterly torn apart the state’s social fabric.

“So long as Biren Singh is the chief minister, there won’t be any justice or progress toward peace. The prime minister cannot wait any longer to take action. The Congress leader posted on Twitter, “He must ACT NOW and not misrepresent, slander, or deflect to cover up the failure of the so-called twin engine governance in Manipur. (PTI)


Manipur needs peace; the PM must act, says Irom Sharmila
📌 Irom Sharmila, a civil rights activist In order to address the situation in her own state, Sunday called the Manipur video case “inhuman” and “very disturbing” and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act right away.

📌 It’s an unjust and unsettling situation. I was unable to control my tears after seeing the video I received. Sharmila told PTI, “I am stunned and in great pain.


Sharmila, a Manipur native, had been on a 16-year hunger strike in protest of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). Food tubes were used to force-feed her during that time.

📌 “It is obvious that the Manipur state government has completely failed. Why does the Prime Minister remain silent when a state is unable to control the situation? He ought to look out for Manipur’s citizens. He must take action if he cares about the suffering of the people of Manipur. The Maniuris need his leadership just like the people of Gujarat, she remarked.

📌 “The CM must set aside disagreements and speak with all 60 MLAs. He needs to have one-on-one conversations with each of them, take into account their perspectives, and decide how to end the animosity between the Meitei and Kuki populations. That is what is required right now,” she remarked.


“I don’t believe that the internet ban has done much to reduce violence in Manipur.Contrarily, if the internet had worked, the women (victims of the strip parade) could have received justice, and the offenders would have been in jail, she claimed. (PTI)

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