Parliament is inactive for Manipur


 Monsoon session of Parliament has started from today. On the first day of the session, the issue of violence in the temple has also sparked protests in the pregnant women’s house. Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been adjourned for the day. Home work started in Lokna today, whether opposition leaders created Manipur Moukh and Manipur. Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Futi has already confirmed that both parties


are ready for talks on the Narkar Manipur issue. He said that the Raj Sadan fell on the wrong discussion. He did this to set the pace of the discussion. But despite this, the opposition members raised slogans and stopped the housework. As a result, the death penalty was established for the day. A similar situation was observed in Ghazanaya. Peacock violence,
Nagatas Dhankhad adjourned the house today. Opposition leaders in the Rajya Sabha and the Congress are burning with black and white, Manipu is burning. Women are treated badly and are exposed. Biju is close to the Prime Minister and giving sacrif

icial remarks in Sansar prison. Bishada this morning. The team reached the Kanthakram chief Mulligan Nagala chamber in Kenaman Singhman premises and held a mo sum session. Before the commencement of this Act, the Prime Minister. A Shika Manipur woman kept. The Manipur incident in Moth had caused the entire Nish. In the said case, it will not go to the end. Prime Minister said that action will be taken against the guilty as per law. It is worth noting that the heavy monsoon session is opposed on a total of 17 issues in the current Act up to 11 others. As a result of chanting slogans, the Chairman of the Assembly will have a working day. The session has started in the old parliament building.
Just 30 seconds after 1800 hours, Modi said: Congress
In New District, 207, Manipur, the Congress party has criticized him after 2 women were badly poisoned. The Prime Minister’s remark is very much criticized by the Congress. Senior party leader Nayanam appeared, after more than 180 years of silence, the Prime Minister has finally made a 30-year-old statement on the Manipur violence issue, and M’s name is also remembered.
Supreme Court’s warning
The attackers picked up the victim from the police force
Take action or we will
Samal, 20/2: In Manipur, many children’s facts have come to the fore today in the last julamachala board centered on 2 tribal manik. Riot-prone souls surrendered to a mob of black people 2 miles from the Puram Security Guard and in central Manila.
New Delhi, 26/7 In Manipur, the Supreme Court system has intervened in the case of the marriage of Manika, a tribal woman after Gundam. Expressing his concern
After killing the woman’s younger brother, he targeted the family
Jayumep in the Supreme Court. Chief Justice B. Hai has made the moon, what Delhi is doing is amazing. The scenario that has been broadcasted in the media is a gross constitutional violation. This is what human rights have done to him. Using women as instruments of violence is fundamental to the constitution. The court has deported Bipur from the capital of the state capital, Samma Sankraha. The Chief Justice has said that we should give some time to our government to take proper action. If the State and Central voters do not take any action or oath against the accused in the said matter, the lower court is bound not to accept the action. Pradhan Bhashmanedi Chandrabhut, Kashmir CM Narasingh and Manoj Mishra’s text center and state government in under fifty.
There were two victims. Both sides during the industrial riots of the state. At that time Samprakash was surrounded by so many narkets and it was growing violent. Tata, I met in Manipur on the 3rd and there was a conflict between the Kule community. According to Sulin, 2 women, Manika Sebi, posted a source on May 4.
Isn’t he a mess? Malku with other girls. They said that the stools were also carried in the datra. Jung Bandana 42 and others marketed the idea of ​​Dhiltal to the family. They approached Moms station at this junction
. The Himkaris first approached a police team in their village. The police team also raided and beat the group moving towards Ranga. There were 2 to 100 people in this group, including men and 3 women. One of them was picked up from the camp. Later, three of them donated a 5-year-old woman from the same family and asked to take action against her. He ran to the edge of the forest for safety. The two men and their 19-year-old son and a 20-year-old man were stripped naked and raped.
Informed them. But suddenly 800
Governor’s question to the state police chief
Manipur Women’s Violence Condemned by Celebrities
Why not take action?
2001 The government has strongly condemned the death penalty. There has been crowding. My complaint is such a skin incident. I couldn’t believe that happened. The governor questioned the state police chief that no action was taken against the woman’s complaint.
The police have asked for a report on the failure of the stork
The governor on this because the police failed in various areas in the corruption of education
The state has drunk, I have visited the state today. Talked to Kansakari’s representative over the phone. Rajyapan questioned him as he asked that action was not taken on the basis of the complaint of different police forces to lift the heavy dead. In fact, the incidence of women in government has also increased.
Manipur Chief Minister’s statement on the controversy
‘Hundreds of things have happened’
Samal, 20.7: In the case of Manipur, the Chief Minister has demanded President’s rule in the state. Congress President Singh made a controversial statement today when Chief Minister Sasiya Mallikarjut issued a sharp statement, Kanishri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a special telephonic interview to raise a crisis in Parliament on the issue of Manipur.
He said that 300 Kim Kalith. A KRC is happening nationally. That’s why we are Human Rights Commission. Today Sadharket was fired. The state of Manipur has issued a notice to the miscreants. When asked whether the Chief Minister of Manipur has notified Satik and BKP, such an incident in the state, NHRC said, taking responsibility for the incident, the Chief Minister of Manipur This statement has created a controversy in the report of the Erog Tilak Day. He should criticize the various minds. The pregnant women are concerned about the pregnancy. He said. All of them have been asked to report the infection. They have been arrested by Chief Minister N Biren Singh for providing communal support. It has been questioned whether it has been done or not
Demand President’s rule
Kala Congress • In response to the Manipur government said that the NHRC notice, Mastan has struck Niport.
Mumber, 2011 Violence against women in a violent world is a serious concern. A video from less than two months ago, my genes are burning with anger. Something happened. It was seen that both of the women were being abused by the women and were being driven around, which is an attack on humanity. Attacks on different standards. Anupam Kher has strongly condemned it in hindi, Akshay Bob said, “In Manipur, women’s virginity, richa-growing majors, and their actions against the royals should be severely punished.” Nikshan Gok also demanded strict punishment against them. That Gadan, Bhakur Singh, Urmila Matondkar, Renuka Chasane, Jeara Acharana, Bijeb Agnihotri, Karmaka Thilan, Mata Mon Mohapatra, major celebrities also strongly condemned the incident and denounced the culprits. Janna demanded action.
He also condemned it.
Akshay Kumar said, “The most disgusting culprits of Mala’s memorial violence and annals in Manipur should be given such strict punishment that no one else would dare to do such a thing.” As Chicha Chaka writes, the event is very personal and legal. Desh Deshmukh beat, in Manipuja

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